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AWS Certifictions Overview

AWS certifications are divided into Foundational, Associate, Professional and Speciality areas. Foundational certifications require six months of fundamental AWS Cloud and industry knowledge. Associate certifications require one  year of experience solving problems and implementing solutions using the AWS Cloud. Professional level certifications require two years of experience designing, operating, and troubleshooting solutions using the AWS Cloud and with speciality requiring different experience levels

The best AWS certification training in Australia will help improve your AWS skills by covering important modules and concepts such as autoscaling, cross-zone load balancing, cloud services, setting up a virtual private cloud (VPC), launching EC2 instances, AWS management console, and more.

AWS is a popular computing platform that provides cloud infrastructure that businesses can use for storage, networking, database, and analytical services. This includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. Our training courses ensure that people are exam-ready and have the skills to become qualified AWS Certified Professionals.

AWS certification training courses are a must for every aspiring cloud computing professional. We are the number one choice for AWS training and certification as we offer high-quality, cost-effective training. 

We offer classroom-based (face-to-face), live virtual and in-house training. Learn from AWS fundamentals to advanced concepts through our interactive hands-on training courses.